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diverCity: Rio de Janeiro and the 'Inclusion Games'

With the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics over, it's time to take stock of the promised legacies the games have left behind.

We start with the LGBT community, which, in spite of Brazil's welcoming reputation, is marked by one of the highest death rates in the world. How included did members of #Rio's gay community feel in what was dubbed the "inclusion games"?

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Real Rio is a grassroots project taking you outside the official venues and into the heart of local communities for Rio 2016.

We create a unique way of engaging with the Olympic impact, documenting a range of voices from demonstration to celebration: the real people of Rio de Janeiro.


We create digital experiences that take you behind the official broadcast cameras and into the heart of local communities. We will show you what's really happening on the ground and provide a cultural view of Rio de Janeiro and how the Olympics continue to impact the lives of cariocas.

Real Rio brings the Olympic city to life through video, highlighting Rio's vibrant history, art, culture and politics to demonstrate the ultimate impact of the games. We want to highlight what the Olympic movement feels likes to locals beyond the gated fan zones and designated viewing sites.

The REAL Rio team is looking to align with partners who believe in the Olympic movement and making real cultural education accessible. Our partnership opportunities range from exclusive rights to multiple, smaller opportunities for investment and collaboration.