A documentary on the Canadian perspective of the Sochi Olympic Games
and the anti-gay laws exposed in Putin's Russia.


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The Sochi 2014 Olympics will be remembered for a lot of things. Corruption. Overblown budgets. Poor infrastructure. And Putin’s pride. It will also be remembered for months of international protest after Russia’s contentious decision to ban gay rights.

Fuelled by his passion for the Olympics, Vancouver journalist Jordan Wade travels to Sochi to witness first-hand the most controversial games of our generation.

Through interactions with athletes, academics, activists and Russian citizens, this film explores the evolution of the gay rights movement, the IOC’s role as a global facilitator, and the interplay of the Olympics and human rights. A dark moment in history - but perhaps a turning point for the Olympic movement.

Director: Jordan Wade
Producers: Jordan Wade & Sonya Reznitsky
Editor & Post-Production Supervisor: Kevin Hawkins
Audio Post-Production: Mark Ancheta, Tim Hart, and Chirag Mahajan
Featuring: Bruce Kidd, Bryan Fautley, Maureen Douglas, Patricia Verinsky, and Vancouver city councillor Tim Stevenson


Our team expresses deep regrets to the lives taken in Orlando, Florida on June 12, 2016. This tragedy serves as a reminder of how pressing this issue is to the current day. We couldn't think of a clearer sign to indicate how very pressing this issue is, not only in Russia but in the western world. As Canadian citizens, we hope this film will be an opportunity to bring people together and support respect for human life. We hope films like this can help open conversations and understanding can help prevent the loss of lives. Please join us, in person and in spirit, in spreading the message of understanding and compassion to our LGBTQ community. 

Sochi Pride Team

Jordan Wade bio pic.png

Jordan Wade, Director & Producer

Jordan is a well-travelled journalist, host and producer who brings to the team a deep adoration for culture, community engagement, great stories, an unabashed enthusiasm for life and a whole lot of laughter and facial hair. 

Jordan's experience is global, taking him across Canada, Australia and Korea before landing him in Vancouver at the Graduate School of Journalism at UBC.

Jordan currently hosts of a variety of video segments including Novus TV and Vancity Buzz, as well as co-producing Discorder Radio on CiTR 101.9 FM.

Click here to find out more about Jordan's past projects and experiences!

Sonya Reznitsky bio pic.jpg

Sonya Reznitsky, Co-Producer

Sonya Reznitsky is a writer and aspiring filmmaker based out of Vancouver, BC. A big thinker, she is always digging deeper,  never settling for easy answers. Having immigrated from Russia at the age of 7, she was excited to have an opportunity to connect her two national perspectives and insights - Canadian and Russian. 

She is keen to explore filmmaking as an avenue for conversations between immigrants and their home countries. In a world overwhelmed with fast media, she is excited to focus on one issue and all the complexities within it. Upon completing her degree in communications, she entered a media landscape vastly different from that of her predecessors. She is keen to explore journalism in the digital age and the paths we can take to produce high quality content outside of mainstream media. This is her first documentary - but hopefully the first of many more. 

Kevin Hawkins bio pic.png

Kevin Hawkins, Video Editor

Kevin Hawkins is a Canadian born editor who has worked in post production for over 12 years. His experience ranges from short form narrative and episodic television to feature length films and documentaries. Besides working as an editor and digital imaging technician (DIT) in the Vancouver film community, Kevin also co-owns a successful production company focused on the origination of feature length narrative films.